The College of Arts, Letters, Graduate Studies and Research provides a superior undergraduate education in the social and behavioral sciences, languages, communication, English, and the creative and performing arts.  Faculty members in the College, educated in the finest universities both in the United States and abroad, are dedicated to teaching using traditional and non-traditional instructional methods, as well as modern information technologies.

     Additionally, the faculty members of the College seek to remain on the cutting edge of scholarship, research and artistic production as reflected in books and articles accepted by leading publishing houses and scholarly journals.  Artistic efforts created by faculty in the College are presented at nationally respected galleries and performance centers.

     The College also includes the Louisiana Folklife Center and Creole Center as part of its commitment to community service, research and preservation of Louisiana’s precious resources.

     Established in 1986 as the state’s selective admission honors college of the liberal arts and sciences, the Louisiana Scholars' College offers a rigorous honors education grounded in the arts and sciences.  Students and faculty establish individualized plans of study that include a common core curriculum and often a major in collaboration with other colleges in the University.

     The Graduate School at Northwestern attracts highly qualified students to advanced degree programs in the fine arts, teacher education, student personnel services, school counseling, adult education, educational technology, health and human performance, nursing, English, psychology, homeland security and the social sciences.  It is the goal of all programs to place graduates in the best doctoral programs and professional positions.




     During the 2014-2015 academic year, the College welcomes the Department of Mathematics and Engineering Technology, the Department of Biological and Physical Sciences, and the School of Business. Until a Dean of the College of Science, Technology and Business is named, these departments will be included in the administration of this college.